Rhythms GroupThanks for Visiting! Our wish is to inspire a Love for learning. "Explore", "discover", & "grow" are the words that capture this idea. As we work to create a children's museum in Fall River, you too can help support a Love for Learning... Explore our site. Discover your interest. Grow your passion.

The Children's Museum of Greater Fall River, Inc. will be a place of wonder, inspiring in those who visit a willingness to immerse themselves in the learning process. Explore, discover, grow are the words that capture this willingness. Children and families will...

Explore... An environment rich with information presented in an innovative researched-based format that demonstrates that learning is fun;

Discover... ideas and concepts about themselves and the world around them; and,

Grow... more fully into their potential selves and understand that learning is about the journey, not the destination.

E x p l o r e. D i s c o v e r. G r o w.

That's what the Children's Museum of Greater Fall River is about. A unique environment that supports children and their caretakers in developing a love for the learning process while fostering family, peer, and social bonds. Unlike traditional "don't touch" museums children will have opportunities to interact with exhibits that are related to the world around them. They will discover new information about themselves and their relationships with family, friends and their place in the local and global community.

We believe that this type of learning happens best in an environment that is safe and friendly. Providing opportunities for children to touch, see, taste, smell, climb on, over, or under – to interact both mentally and physically with exhibits that focus on age-appropriate developmental levels. Visitors are encouraged to manipulate objects and experience the results of their experiments while observing varying perspectives both in spatial and social/cultural contexts.

Today's children and families face many tasks and trials that exacerbate the risk factors in their lives. Through exhibits and programming, the museum will support all families in enhancing the natural ability within each of us to make the correct decisions and choose the healthy choice – protective factors. On this website, I hope you will discover how these concepts will manifest themselves - How this museum is the community's museum like the town squares of long ago. You will discover that The Children's Museum of Greater Fall River is more than the four walls that will house it.

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